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Isopropylbenzylam2- (2-Chlorophenyl) -2-Nitrocyclohexanone CAS 2079878-75-2/Cystal 102-97-6/ 79099-07-3/40064-34-4/125541-22-2/19099-93-5/2885573-56-8 (WhatsApp/WeChat: +8615927457486 WickrMe: Ccassie

Product Name: N-Isopropylbenzylamine
Synonyms: Benzylamine, N-isopropyl-;Benzylisopropylamine;Isopropylbenzylamine;n-(1-methylethyl)-benzenemethanamin;N-ISOPROPYLBENZYLAMINE;N-BENZYLISOPROPYLAMINE;N-BENZYL-N-ISOPROPYLAMINE;n-(1-methylethyl)-benzenemethanamine
CAS: 102-97-6
MF: C10H15N
MW: 149.23
EINECS: 203-067-6
Product Categories: API;102-97-6;1
Mol File: 102-97-6.mol
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